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The most important feature of the Opolskie Voivodeship is its thrift. The Opolskie Voivodeship is also one of the most European of Polish regions. The history of the Polish-Czech-German borderland has affected the today's image of the region. The Silesia of Opole is today a multicultural region. People attached to their traditions and working in favour of development of their small homeland have lived here for many generations. The cultural diversity brings the rich experience of the voivodeship's inhabitants, their tolerance and openness to the world, which, combined with their diligence and mobility, is the best capital for every employer.

For years, the regional and local authorities of Opole have been giving testimony of good management by investing in modern infrastructure. Attractive investment areas have been created around the A4 motorway, and Opole is the fastest growing academic city in Poland. Not only do we create more and better conditions for living and leisure, but also support the activities of those who contribute to the growth of our business potential. The Opolskie is in the lead of the most supportive for foreign investors voivodeships in Poland. Most companies with foreign capital, which saw the advantages of our region, come from Germany, the Netherlands, Ukraine, Belgium, Austria and Italy.


source: www.opolskie.pl