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Excellent climatic and natural qualities of the Opole Region contribute to development of tourism. Thanks to the terrain (the Silesian Highlands and Lowlands and the Sudety Foothills as well as the Valley of the Oder River) there are ideal conditions for relaxation in the winter and summer seasons.

Forests cover a large part of the area and feature 4 landscape parks, many protected landscape areas and nature reserves. The largest forest complexes include: Niemodlińskie, Stobrawskie, Lublinieckie and Raciborskie Forests. The enthusiasts of hiking and cycling trips will be interested in tourist trails in the area of St. Ann Mountain and the areas of the Opawskie Mountains situated along the border with the Czech Republic.

Many modern holiday centres with full psychotherapeutic facilities (such as a swimming pool, classic and hydro massages) were established in the villages Moszczanka, Pokrzywna, Jarnołtówek. A modern spa, which applies the treatment methods of Dr. Kneipp as the first such facility in Poland, is being created in Kamień Śląski. An airport (with hangars, service and a hotel), designed for low air traffic and a training facility for future pilots, is also in the course of development in this village. The reservoirs in Turawa near Opole and the lakes of Nysa and Otmuchowo situated at the foothills of the Opawskie Mountains are waiting for bathing and water sports enthusiasts.

The Silesia of Opole is a region rich in monuments and buildings of various ages, ranging from Gothic castles, baroque palaces, to the nineteenth-century mansions. There are also other interesting architectural buildings, such as the castle in Moszna, the ruins of the nineteenth-century palace in Kopice, the castle of the Silesian Piasts in Brzeg, as well as the late-baroque palace in Kamień Śląski.

Krasiejów, the village in the Ozimek Commune, where one of the greatest palaeontological discoveries have been made recently, cannot be avoided while visiting the Opole Region. The fossils of the Triassic reptiles remains are 225 million years old and are very well preserved. In the future, a museum theme park complex will be established on the excavations and will be one of the most interesting attractions of the region. In January 2005,a permanent exhibition titled "Hikes with a dinosaur" was opened in the building of the former primary school.


source: www.opolskie.pl